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Team Throwndown ETC



Height & Weight - 6’ 155lbs
Born – Payson Utah 03/12/1987
Team - Throwdown ETC MMA Record - 2 Wins 1 Defeats

Dayne got an early start in the martial arts, studying and participating in Karate at 5 years of age. For 10 years he studied martial arts, dabbling in many different forms. When he was 15 years old Dayne discovered Jiu Jitsu and was immediately hooked. The movement and effectiveness were readily apparent to him even at that young age. He watched early UFC tournaments and was a huge fan of Royce Gracie. Dayne read everything he could on the Gracie’s and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and found out that Gracie Black Belt Pedro Sauer had an academy in Sandy.


Height/Weight - 6’1” 185lbs
Born – Orem, Utah 03/12/1987
Team - Throwdown ETC MMA Record - 10 Wins 3 Defeats

Derek grew up in a very athletic and competitive family, being the oldest of four children. With the support of his father, Steve Downey, Derek was a standout athlete in baseball and football. After serving an LDS mission in The Bronx, he found a new love in mixed martial arts and began to quickly excel. Derek’s fighting roots began in jiu-jitsu and from there he’s developed his skills to become one of the premier fighters in the state of Utah.


Weight/Height- 6’ 2” 280lbs
Born - Mt. Pleasant, Utah 03/22/1984
Team - Throwdown ETC MMA Record - 7 Wins 0 Defeats

Ty Lee has exploded onto the Utah mixed martial arts scene. Not just winning each of his fights, but blowing up everyone that has been put in front of him. He has knocked out fighters who previously were thought to have iron chins.

Ty was an accomplished wrestler with some impressive tournament victories to his name, including the Reno National Championship. Ty also played football all through school and was a 4 year letterman at Snow College and Southern Utah University. He even has experience in the Arena Football league.


Height/Weight - 5’6” 155lbs
Born – West Valley, Utah 03/12/1987
Team - Throwdown ETC MMA Record - 3 Wins 1 Defeats

Rad is an All-American collegiate wrestler. He was a typical ground and pound fighter who was very aggressive, in shape and always looking to finish the fight, however he has developed a devastating standup game. He crushed Utah’s state champion with a first round KO in the first round of his last fight. Rad, has a build that is a cross between Roger Huerta and Sean Sherk. He is a physical specimen that has the skills to back it up. His work ethic is unequaled and has the raw materials to go all the way.


Height/Weight - 5’ 11” 185 lbs
Born - Ogden, Utah 12/12/1984
Team - Throwdown ETC MMA Record - 11 wins 1 defeat

Only 24 years of age; Court already has a tremendous story. He learned hard work and discipline working on the family farm as a young boy. He’s been an athlete his whole life and was successful in all of his endeavors growing up, garnering multiple championships in both Karate and Wrestling. In college, Court sustained two serious injuries that required extensive surgery. The resulting pain and recovery left him, like many athletes, addicted to medications and drugs. During this time Court almost lost his life due to an overdose that stopped his heart for four full minutes.


Height/Weight - 5’9” 155lbs
Born – Victorville CA 10/24/1986
Team - Throwdown ETC MMA Record - 4 Wins 0 Defeats

Eddie “Huckleberry” Pelczynski is one of those kids you love root for. An accomplished high school wrestler, Eddie fell in with the ‘wrong crowd’ growing up as a poor kid in Victorville. He decided to turn his life around. Eddie left the crowd he was running with and moved to Utah to start fresh. He was only here one year when he discovered mixed martial arts. Eddie brings a fun loving attitude to the gym but make no mistake, he loves to fight and has quickly become one of the most feared fighters at his weight.


Height/Weight - 5’ 11” 145lbs
Born - Anaheim, CA 02/15/1987
Team - Throwdown ETC
MMA Record - 9 Wins 1 Defeats

Not your typical fighter’s background. Born in California and raised in Odgen Utah in a close knit loving family and no real sports background.

When you think about “Natural Talent” you have to think about Steve Siler. This is a guy who did NOT wrestle in high school, did NOT take Karate as a kid and most certainly did NOT train in Jiu Jitsu. The guy didn’t even lift weights. But he knew someone who did train and he thought it looked “Like fun” to get into the ring.


Height/Weight - 6’ 0” 185lbs
Born - Kaysville, Utah 10/28/1982
Team - ThrowdownETC • MMA Record - 13 wins 0 defeats

Jordan started fighting shortly after college football ended because he needed another outlet for all his anger and aggression and he had always been interested in testing himself in the pure sport of fighting. He was an all state middle linebacker and first team all conference guard in high school. He received an athletic scholarship to play football at Mckendree University in Illinois. In MMA he has won the Michigan Fight league L-Heavyweight belt, the Max Fighting League Middleweight Belt in Yakima Washington, and the Throwdown Elite Light-Heavyweight Belt.


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